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This magical set of spell books was collected from the halls of Hogwarts Castle just for you! The books are handmade from concrete and hand painted. While we take the utmost care when collecting left behind books, not every students at hogwarts kept their book in tip top shape and we strive to keep the authentic distressed look of these well loved books!


Choose a preprinted set or paint your own!


Paint your own kits include an unpainted set of books (sanded and ready to paint) and 3 pots of sealant. These can be decorated with any acrylic paint or water resistant stickers before being sealed!

Dimensions: 4 inch x 7.5 inch x 5 inches weight 4.3 lb


Our Planters are sealed to be water resistant and can be used both indoors and out (seasonally)

Not sure what to put in a planter? Succulents, air plants (both real and faux) pencils, pens, and brushes the possibilities are endless!

Spellbook Desk Planter

  • Planters are made of concrete and sealed to protect against water but work best if the plants are low water required like succulents or air plants.

    Planters can be used inside or outside but should be brought inside for bad weather or over winter.

    To clean simply wipe with a damp cloth do not use any harsh cleaners or sprays.

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