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Up your cube game with a custom pride flag puzzle cube! Our puzzle cubes are a fun and creative way to challenge any puzzle aficionado in your life! All our cubes are hand made to order, we print each cube on durable vinyl labels and finish them with a holographic laminate (available in 3 designs glitter, stars and bubbles)! All cubes include a clear stand to display your glittery puzzle. Our cubes are packaged in a clear cello bag,


Pride Flag Cube 5x5:

Large 5x5 ~ Size 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) cubed



Looking for more of a challenge check out the other cube sizes in the shop!


Display Base 3x3 ~ Size 2.2 inches (5.7 cm) cubed

Speed Base 3x3 ~ Size 2.1 inches (5.5 cm) cubed

Medium 4x4 ~ Size 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) cubed




Pride Cube: Rainbow, Lesbian, Trans, Bi, Non-Binary, Pan

Custom: Choose any 6 Flags for your cube!


Colours may vary due to changes in monitor settings.


Pride Flags 3x3 Puzzle Cube ~ Custom Pride Working Puzzle ~ Customizable Gay Pride Cubes ~ Personalized Pride Puzzle Cube

Pride Flag 5x5 Puzzle Cubes

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