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Stop wondering if your package will fit in standard or oversize letter mail! Use this handy guide to make sure you wont be shocked at the Post Office!

This handy tool includes 2 laser cut slots to check if you package fits through, along with a full guide listing the sizes and weight restrictions for each letter mail type!

Wood: 1/4" (6mm) Ply in either Aspen or Birch (depending on availability) Wood is laser cut and engraved to be easily read and sanded smooth for comfort and ease of use! 
Acrylic: 1/4" (6mm) Clear Acrylic is laser cut and engraved. Acrylic is sent with a scratch protect paper film. This is easily removed by peeling or rubbing away with a wet wipe. 

Size : 11.8" x 3.9" (29.6 x 9.6 cm)

Note: Each letter mail guide is made to order and due to the availably of wood there may be some variations of the woodgrain.


Letter Mail Slot Canadian Size~ Canada Post Small Business Oversize Letter Mail Checker ~ Canadian Seller Letter Guide Tool For Canada Post

Letter Mail Slot Canadian Size Canadian Seller Letter Guide Tool

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