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These bright Mario Pipe planters are just waiting to grow a piranha plant of their own. These Pipes are also great for keeping your pens and pencils from falling into a dungeon level. Each planter is cast with gypsum cement and hand painted before being sealed. Plants in the images are not included.

Pipes are water resistant and can be placed outside

Small rooted plants like succulents, herbs, and air plants work best.

Planters come with a drainage whole, for excess water planter should be placed on a waterproof surface.

Planters are made with solid cement and are 4.75” tall x 4” wide (size may fluctuate a little due to the sanding and finishing process)


Don’t have a green thumb? (Its ok I won’t tell) These planters look great with faux flowers and succulents as well!

Game Pipe Planter ~ Video Game Brush Holder

  • Planters are made of concrete and sealed to protect against water but work best if the plants are low water required like succulents or air plants.

    Planters can be used inside or outside but should be brought inside for bad weather or over winter.

    To clean simply wipe with a damp cloth do not use any harsh cleaners or sprays.

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