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Create your very own custom Unicorn Horns with our silicone moulds. Our moulds have a shiny glossy finish and can be used in resin, soap, or candle making!


We hand make our moulds for each order using a flexible silicone that when properly cared for will last for cast after cast!


We use a vacuum chamber to degas our silicone to ensure a bubble free pour each time! Why is this important? Bubbles inside the silicone may lie just beneath the surface of a beautiful mould as you use and demold your craft, the stretching and pulling can cause a thin bubble wall to tear or break which will create wart like bumps on your final piece. Degassing the silicone pulls these air bubbles out creating a stronger more reliable mould! 


Finished Horns measure about:

Small: 2 Inches (5.1 cm)


As each mold is handmade, some imperfections may occur but should not affect the quality of your cast! Always make sure to follow resin safety instructions.


Low flame can be used for bubble popping but for mould longevity a heat gun works best. Using a Mould release agent will also help prolong the life of your mold!  


Our silicone is heat resistant up to 450°F (232°C)  


Note this mold is not Food Safe (we will be making a food safe option that will be coming soon!)


This listing is for the mould only, all examples shown were cast using 2 part epoxy and a pressure pot for best results!


Unicorn Horn Silicone Mould ~ Handmade Cosplay Silicon Mould for Jewelry Making ~ Do It Yourself Crafting Silicone Resin Mold ~ Soap Mold

Small Unicorn Horn Silicone Mould Set of 3

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