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Create your very own custom laser cut 5 inch silicone mould. Our molds have a glossy top finish and can be used in resin, soap, candle making, chocolate, sugar, and UV Resin!

This listing is for a custom 5 inch mold!

I will cut your mold blank from either 6 or 3 mm gloss acrylic. (Note thickness may vary slightly.)

This listing is for the mold only!

If you would just like to order an acrylic blank and make the silicone mold yourself please message me for a custom listing!

Max Charm Size for this mold:

Circle: 5 in x 5 in (about 12.7cm x 12.7cm)
Square: 5 in x 5 in (about 12.7cm x 12.7cm)
Rectangle: 5 in x 3.5 in (about 12.7cm x 8.9cm)

Choose the shape that best fits your charm design, your charms can not be larger than the sizes listed here as the mold walls need some space. For larger mold options check out my other custom mold listings in the shop!


For single cut out molds (engraving is not included in this listing for engraving please message for a quote for an engraving add on)

- Your image file must be solid black with a white background. Everything black will be part of your mold everything white will be cut away. (transparent for png)

- Make sure everything is connected and you don't have any floating pieces as they will not be attached in the final mold (think stencil rules!)

- If adding engraving to your order save the engraving as a separate file in grey with white background (transparent for png)

Make sure to have your file saved as the correct size for your mold!

- JPEG's or PNG files can be sent through Etsy convo BUT I will be using an auto trace function to cut your design and some minor changes may happen (usually edges get smoothed out and points become a little rounder)

FOR BEST RESULTS send vector files (SVG, or AI)

- To submit SVG or AI file let me know and I will send a file request to your email to submit your design

- Make sure the cut line vector is a single solid path line Red for Cut through

- If adding engraving create the engraving as a different colour fill and a Blue outline Path

 Check out our YouTube for some file tips to get the best mold cut!

We hand make our moulds for each order using a flexible silicone that when properly cared for will last for cast after cast!

We use a vacuum chamber to degas our silicone to ensure a bubble free pour each time! Why is this important? Bubbles inside the silicone may lie just beneath the surface of a beautiful mould as you use and demold your craft, the stretching and pulling can cause a thin bubble wall to tear or break which will create wart like bumps on your final piece. Degassing the silicone pulls these air bubbles out creating a stronger more reliable mould!  

As each mold is handmade, some imperfections may occur but should not affect the quality of your cast! Always make sure to follow resin safety instructions.

Low flame can be used for bubble popping but for mould longevity a heat gun works best. Using a Mould release agent will also help prolong the life of your mold!   

Silicone heat resistance:

Craft Grade silicone is heat resistant up to 450¬∞F (232¬∞C)   

Food Grade silicone is heat resistant up to 400°F (204°C)

This listing is for the mould only, all examples shown were cast using 2 part epoxy and a pressure pot for best results!

~Some legal stuff ~

I may use the making of your blank and mold on my social media. If you would like me to tag you please include your Instagram/tick tock handle when placing your order:)  If you would like to not be featured please let me know when ordering.

Note: I will never resell your mold design as one of my own but may have similar designs in the works and can sell them.
(example: your design is a cat, your specific cat design will never be sold by me, but I may make a cat of my own design in the future.)

5" Custom Laser cut Silicone Mould ~ Personalized Handmade Silicon Jewelry Mold ~ DIY Food ~ Chocolate ~ Craft ~ Soap ~ UV Resin Mold

5" Custom Laser cut Silicone Mould ~ Personalized Handmade Silicon Jewelry Mold

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